Hey there...
my name is Daniel.

let's see, what can I do for you?


Design? Great! I run the agency
florida creative lab together with Florian Carevic based at Dortmund harbour.

We are pretty good designers for complexe corporate designs, creative heads for strategic concepts and we running an own design&tech festival called process Festival.  


Not what you searching for hm... Ok, lets have a further look. 


Risofan? High-Five! I l o v e it. 
I work as a lecturer at
Fh Dortmund for analoge printing and risographie, we print on a two drum Riso MZ1070. At our lab we do have an lovely old RP3500.


Ok, not your style - lets see. 


Innovative Technology? Human centered futuristic projects? Social projects for common urban living in the future??? – Hoooray!

Just step over to the
process festival, a Dortmund based festival telling the journey of creative projects, focussing on the process and not on the shiny outcome. - process will be back on 6th of October 2018. 


Working together? Oh yes, good point… In January 2017, we founded the "Hafenunion". We are a creative network of designers, programmers, photographers and filmmakers. We work together in our office at the Dortmund harbor.



Oh, you meant to work with me!
Yes, i would love to, just drop me a line: